The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented humanity with unprecedented challenges from which the full impact is yet to be seen. As a result, Governments and medical bodies globally have advised people to reduce “social” interaction to the bare minimum, avoid traveling and to contact self-isolation as a matter of priority.

This is fuelled by global health systems working at capacity and under extreme pressure.

Pregnant women specifically have been explicitly advised to stay home and avoid all social interaction unless absolutely necessary. The combination of this brings a range of additional concerns and worries for those women.

HeraMED’s mission is to lead the digital transformation of maternity care with its pioneering in-home maternity care platform. Our toolset enables and supports remote monitoring of mothers whilst being under careful supervision and control of their medical practitioner.

The HeraBEAT smart pregnancy monitor enables any pregnant woman to easily check the baby’s wellness by measuring both the fetal and mother’s heart rate at home. The results of which are automatically shared with her caregiver in real-time.

The HeraBEAT is simple, handheld and smartphone connected, and can be used at home, or in any location by the mother or the caregiver. This provides convenience and more importantly, safety by avoiding a visit to a potentially risky environment (hospital or clinic).

HeraMED is now introducing its new innovative platform – HeraCARE which interweaves technology, procedures, and medical processes to improve prenatal and postnatal care by empowering expectant mothers and their support system to become engaged in a collaborative process designed to manage the medical, social and mental aspects of maternity care.

HeraMED wants to help, we are open for any suggestion on how we can contribute and support you at this exceptional time.

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David Groberman, email:, mobile +972 52 699 1188

Stay safe, strong and healthy!