HeraMED is a technology startup developing a lineup of innovative connected pregnancy monitoring solutions for home use. Harnessing state-of-the-art technology with superior UX/UI, we are creating solutions that are medically accurate, scientifically optimized, safe and affordable.

Led by a team of medical professionals, engineering wonks, product developers and marketing experts, HeraMED has set out to redefine the pregnancy experience.

We offer comprehensive hardware solutions supported by software applications, focused on fetal well-being and parental assurance.

HeraMED is ISO 13485:2016 and HeraBEAT is Medical CE certified by BSI.


Our vision is to revolutionize the pregnancy ecosystem!
We strive to become a world leader in cutting-edge, technology-driven innovative solutions which will forever change our domain and impact the lives of millions.

Our technology is driving a transformation of the doctor-patient relationship from today’s episodic, visit-centric and inconvenient healthcare to a future of home-based, continuous monitoring that will leverage “connected health” to deliver better care at lower cost.

Using big-data and a fresh, innovative approach, we aim to create an industry shift from managing the “general, average pregnancy” to providing optimal treatment of the “individual expecting mother”.

We envision the effect to be a dramatic change in the patient experience to one that is personalized and empathetic.


David Groberman is CEO and Co-Founder of HeraMED and the mind behind the concept of home-based, connected pregnancy monitoring.

In 2011 David’s personal family story became ours. David and his wife Odelia, today happy parents to three healthy children, experienced first-hand the overwhelming anxiety and stress which many pregnant couples face when concern for their unborn baby rises.