ORION – AI Powered Pregnancy Monitoring

Orion is a result of our latest research achievements in pregnancy monitoring anlaysis, one of the most frontier, and potentially revolutionary technology in healthcare today, currently under stealth mode.

Applying the multiple analytical capacities of Big-Data along with machine learning functionalities, we view Orion as a superior alternative to current manual, paper and expert-based analysis.

Our research is based on the fact that Pregnancy monitoring data is generated at a pace that is far beyond any human capacity to analyze and the increased understanding across all professional stakeholders that an individual’s lifetime health may be programmed at a very early stage – while a child is still in the womb.

Orion is trained to detect precursors that can indicate possible pregnancy complications before these become a problem. In Orion, we are integrating massive pregnancy monitoring datasets with Convolutional Neural Nets (CNN’s), deep learning algorithms in order to identify both existing as well as new risk factors. It empowers physicians, offering them an opportunity to get free from the tedious, scut work, giving them time to apply their knowledge in a more focused, intelligent and efficient way.

In fetal medicine, the power of statistics and prediction can in many cases have a dramatic impact on the lives of both mother and child

Orion is developed In cooperation with Mayo Clinic, one of the leading medical institutions in the US. Mayo is known for their medical excellence and their long heritage of commercially successful solutions driven by a research and innovation.